The following video and file types are explicitly supported by miDVD Pro. This list will be updated as we increase the number of formats that we support.

If you have a new file type that you want supported, please email us at

Video File Type File Extension Notes
Audio Video Interleave avi AVI is a very popular but dated video format. It is used extensively for DVD rips and torrents.
Advanced Video Codec High Definition (AVCHD) mts, m2ts AVCHD is the defacto standard for high definition consumer video cameras. Note that Smart Converter Pro, and all FFmpeg-based converters, have limited AVCHD support. This means that AVCHD support will not cover all variants of this standard.
Matroska Video Container mkv MKV is an open-source video container format and is used extensively for high definition Blu-ray and HDTV rips.
Flash Video flv Flash video is widely used for web-hosted video, such as YouTube and the like.
Windows Media Video wmv WMV is the preferred format for Windows computers.
QuickTime Video mov MOV is the preferred format for Macintosh computers and iOS devices.Note that we only support MOV files containing H.264 video. Editor video codecs (such as AIC and ProRes) are not supported.