Who is Shedworx?

Shedworx is the application development operation of Systemic Pty Ltd.

Shedworx was created in 2007 to develop VoltaicHD for the Mac. From there we have created a PC version of VoltaicHD, RevolverHD for HD disk burning, HD Quick Look and Cosmos for managing HD video and photos. In 2011 we moved into the Mac App Store and started selling the highly successful Smart Converter and Music Converter.

The core functions of Shedworx are run by a small team of software designers and engineers. We also rely on the Systemic network for specialist skills such as graphic design, web development and SEO.

Where To Find Us

We are located in Nedlands, Perth, Western Australia.

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 2056
North Claremont
WA 6010

The office hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. (West Australian timezone - GMT+8).

For support related queries, you can email us or find specific product help here in our support area.

Language Translations

Interested in helping us translate any of the Shedworx products into your langauge ? Find out more here